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A Call to the Downtrodden Urban Masses and a Warning…

To all of you beautiful people couped up in fluorescently lit offices, in Big Cities with plastic pot plants for company, needing a bit of fresh air – I have a suggestion. Go and spend a few days with Pete and Cynthia in Europe’s forgotten lands. It did me the world of good.

Digging vegetable beds, eating fresh salad, chatting by the fire, chatting with the donkeys, walking on the land, just breathing deeply. It was so heartening to be greeted by every single person I passed in the street, and run along tracks in the hills surrounded by breathtaking scenery. It beats the Northern line at 6:30PM. But a word of advice – if your going to visit in February – take a few pairs of woolly undies – because Ibiza this is not! And beware of the 3.5 euro a gallon vinho tinto hooch those guys are drinking; it’s not for the faint-hearted! Thanks guys for a really wonderful time.

Peter Simmons

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