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Posts from ‘November, 2011’

Meditation Marathon 2011

EM PORTUGUÊS ABAIXO Dear Friends of the Awakened Life Project, We invite you to join us and support us for our Meditation Marathon starting on Saturday December 10 at 10am and finishing on Sunday December 11th at 10am. Our Meditation Marathon last year was a great success (We reached our goal of 20,000€!).  This money […]

Elegance & Evolution in the Back of Beyond!

By Jane Riddiford & Rod Sugden Jane… As I sit in our flat in the middle of London, I think back to the wonderful time my partner Rod and I had at the Awakened Life Project in Portugal ….experiencing elegance in the back of beyond! We arrived at the Quinta late in the evening and […]

The Joy of Co-Creation

In this post I want to share the many developments that are, and have been, taking place in the practical sphere as the Awakened Life Project makes further strides in emerging from the abandoned ruins of Quinta da Mizarela. It is truly amazing and such an inspiration to see what can happen when people unite […]

Somos imersos num Novo Mundo / We are immersed in a New World!

Nos dias que correm torna-se cada vez mais difícil estarmos verdadeiramente conscientes de quem somos no momento – o nosso modo de vermos (percepções, sensações, pensamentos); o nosso modo de agirmos (palavras e acções); e o nosso modo de verificarmos como tudo vai indo (resultados ou consequências). Esta anestesia, sendo normal, torna-se quase “desejável”. Funcionamos […]

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