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Posts from ‘October, 2011’

The Art & Science of Stillness / A Arte e Ciência da Quietude

Meditation is a foundational practice at the Awakened Life Project and it has been at the core of my own spiritual life for the last 25 years. Since January 2011 I have been leading silent meditation retreats every month, which have been powerful evolutionary events for many people. It has been a joy to introduce […]

Permaculture Gardening

By Laura Williams I still have a huge smile on my face from the joy of the Permaculture Gardening course Annelieke and I facilitated this weekend. 14 wonderfully enthusiastic, committed and curious participants came and dived right into quinta life, permaculture gardening and the waterfalls! People said they felt welcomed by the people of the […]

Evolutionary Enlightenment

During August, Pete, Cynthia, Adam, Mim, Laura and our Portuguese friends Ricardo & Teresa, went on a 10 day retreat with Spiritual Teacher Andrew Cohen in Tuscany, Italy. Andrew´s profound contemporary teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment is the guiding light and inspiration for the Awakened Life Project and the retreat was an extraordinary journey into our […]

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