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Posts from ‘September, 2011’

Growth in the Garden of the Awakened Life Project

By Marko Maitz Coming to the Awakened Life Project a while ago, I was only interested in one thing: Is this place really about Awakened Life ? Does this Project really live up to its name? … I started my journey to Portugal with the commitment of following my interests: I had dedicated the last […]

Staying Conscious in the Context

By Scott Marecek Wow, I have no idea where to start! So many things I want to share. I came to the Awakened Life Project on an interesting note, as an intern wanting to learn about sustainable agriculture from Grand Valley State University in Michigan. I knew there was meditation and that was also something […]

A Healthy Integral Evolutionary Lifestyle

By Joanna Abernethy I think the thing that grabbed me when I first heard about The Awakened Life Project was the fact that there were these people living in a remote area in a far away country (Portugal) who’d specifically chosen to set up a community to live and put into practice a way of life that expressed […]

Obliterating Self Consciousness

By Glen Friedman Returning to the Awakened Life Project this July felt more like coming home ever has, even coming from the country I grew up in. I had been living and working in New York City for the previous eight months and was very happy to be back in this beautiful valley. It amazed […]

Living from a Deep Ease of Being

By Caroline van Veggel I was very fortunate to be able to visit the Awakened Life Project this summer. I knew Cynthia and Pete Bampton from years ago when we all discovered spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen who inspired us profoundly with his example of how to live an evolutionarily enlightened life. We lost contact for […]

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