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Posts from ‘July, 2011’

100% Consciousness

To me, consciousness was always attributed to the realm of meditation and spiritual (and to a certain extent religious) practices. The link between the consciousness – that I knew of – and working, living, loving and playing within the “real world” seemed a little confusing and perhaps ambiguous. There was always a distinction – a […]

Open Day July 30

Join us in a mountain valley paradise above the waterfalls of Fraga da Pena for day of good conversation, delicious vegetarian food, a tour of the quinta and a chance to make new friends with similar interests…For more information and to reserve your place please click here.

Old Technology, New Life

We are very happy to have an article published in Permaculture magazine about the miraculous ram pump that is the heartbeat of our Quinta da Mizarela. However, the last two paragraphs, that describe the wider context of our Project (and in our opinion were the most interesting part!) were edited out. So here is the […]

GEN Conference at Tamera

While Adam & Mim where presenting our project to people at the Feira Alternativa in Porto (see below), Cynthia and I headed south to to the community and “Healing Biotope” of Tamera where we had been invited to attend the European Conference of the Global Ecovillage Network. We were very grateful for the invitation as […]

The Utterly Extraordinary Becomes Normal!

Porto, Saturday 10th July: The Feira Alternativa (Alternative Fair) By Mim Adam and I had agreed to present The Awakened Life Project in a 45-minute talk at the Alternative Fair in Porto. That should have been easy – after all, I live here!  It’s no more than talking about my daily life.  But how to […]

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