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Posts from ‘April, 2010’

Descobrir Uma Nova Consciençia

Building a Yurt Deck in a Cosmic Flow

Last Monday after waiting for a couple of weeks for the rain to stop, we finally took down the yurt. It has been a very windy and wet winter and the yurt was tilting quite badly and we also had some problems with water coming inside from the deck. The plan was to build a […]

Thanks to Vilargus, Arganil

When we learned that we would have to get a Project to continue renovating the buildings on the quinta we were more than a little concerned. We want to develop the place in as eco-friendly a way as possible and were not looking forward to having to find our way through EU building regulations that […]

What is EM Technology?

Don’t worry I am not spraying herbicides or pesticides on my veggie beds, I am spraying Effective Microorganisms… What is EM Technology? EM stands for Effective Micro-organisms. This is a combination of various micro-organisms normally found in food or which are used in food production. EM is made up from three main kinds of bacteria […]

Waking Up From “The Glen Zone”

By Glen Most of my friends back home would describe me as the “zoned out” one, and with good reason. Half the time anyone asked me a question, if I listened to them at all, I would respond with “wait… what?” and it would then take me a few seconds to remember what the conversation […]

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