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Posts from ‘March, 2010’

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By Glen Friedman When I first arrived here at Quinta Da Mizarela, I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty. First it was the quinta itself, the terraces, structures, waterfalls, and then it was the purpose of the project. Everyone here was working together to really do the best thing they can do. Then it was […]

Joys of Mulching

I have been mulching the beds and what a joy it is to be building fertile soil instead of digging it up and depleting it. I planted vetch over winter as a green manure crop and it has done really well blanketing the beds in thick, feathery green. So I began this years “build” by […]

The Adam Experiment

By Adam Murray What I was Some years ago I had a good career in IT, which I gave up on the grounds that doing a soulless job wasn’t making me happy despite the good pay.  In the context of a prevailing materialist culture this was an unusual step, perhaps radical, maybe even subversive.  Whatever, […]

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