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Posts from ‘February, 2010’

More Than I Signed Up For…

By Dan Bowen Óla! I guess the best way to start is to introduce myself… I´m Dan, the latest volunteer to swing by here… A 21 year old Welshman currently “volunteer travelling” around Europe, arriving from Bulgaria and shortly moving on to Spain. So, by the time I set off again, I will have been […]

Putting Adam in the Picture

By Adam Murray How I’m doing isn’t significant.  What I’m doing is totally significant. I’ve always been a “quiet one”.  You know the type, you’ve seen them hanging around at the edge of whatever’s going on, observing everything, but not saying much – a bit aloof, not really engaging.  Well, that was me. Other people, […]

Renewable Energy & Changing the World

Solar, hydro, wind power…yes we need renewable energy! But that isn’t going to do much to serve our further evolution unless we increase, awaken, and expand our own energy. After all, this is what we want isn’t it—more positive and sustained energy that we can rely on as we work toward the objectives that excite […]

Sowing Oats

By Olga I felt ancient, I felt real, I felt alive. I felt with all my senses that I am my Mother’s child. Weight of the bucket full of wild oats. I sink my hand deep into it, down to the bottom. I can feel oats running gently between my fingers. Pearls of potential, life […]

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