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Posts from ‘January, 2010’

A Surprising Journey into Community

Hi.  I’m Mim, and I’m here with my partner Billy.  We’ve been at the Quinta da Mizarela since October, and recently decided to stay a whole year.  And I’m still asking myself, how on earth did we come to be here? It began with a conversation about washing machines.  That’s when Billy and I were […]

A Simple Life Or Is It?

Reflections on Chopping Wood & Carrying Water… This rather rambling musing of mine was inspired by reading Wendy’s interesting and amusing blogpost in which she was questioning how simple embracing a life of voluntary “simplicity” actually is, when it usually ends up being a lot more “complex” in actuality… I can definitely vouch for that […]

Letting Go of the Need to Control

!By Mim I am feeling so excited.  I have started to understand something so big, so mad, so cosmic and so comical!!  It’s about a whole pattern of behaviour that I’ve had since forever, and that I’ve learned is common to so many women (and also men!), and I can’t stop laughing at the behaviour, […]

The Colossal Explosive Wave of Life!

I am a-buzz today in the wake of last nights Meditation and Consciousness Evolution group. Something profound happened. Something ungraspable, a mysterious paradox that I can barely hold in my consciousness… At one point a male participant gave passionate voice to an overwhelming realization of the Colossal Explosive Tidal Wave of Life. In the light […]

“Striving” in an Evolutionary Context

In a recent email with someone who is interested in coming to the Awakened Life Project we got in a dialog about “striving”. Below is part of the response I sent to him. I hope it gives whoever is reading this a better idea of what we are doing here at the Awakened Life Project. […]

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