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Posts from ‘August, 2009’

Permaculture Pathway Summer 2009

Well summertime has been simmering with the sheer ecstasy of Life here on the Quinta, and especially in the garden! I dont know if it is the donkey manure (thanks fellas!), the Effective Microorganisms, or my TLC but what was previously quite poor compacted soil is now yielding an abundance of veggies! Only problem is […]

Yoga at the Quinta

Quinta da Mizarela had the pleasure of having our own private yoga teacher for a month. During the mornings and in the evenings he doubled as our volunteer Andy but at 4:30pm, under the Walnut and Chestnut trees he transformed into Yoganandy and taught us all yoga! This exerted quite some evolutionary tension, especially on […]

Build it and They will Cross (Eventually!)

Another infrastructural leap has occurred here at Quinta da Mizarela! We have built a donkey bridge across the stream so Mingo and Nuno can access all the grass on the other site. But the real breakthrough was getting the donkeys to cross it! Pete and our volunteers Pavlik and Andy made the bridge and the […]

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