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Posts from ‘March, 2009’

Meditation & Conscious Conversation Group

The Meditation & Conscious Conversation group is beginning again for 2009. We will gather at the Roundhouse at Quinta da Cabeca do Mato at 7.30pm on Monday evenings from the 30th March. The intention behind this group is to provide a regular space and place in our lives where we can drop our “personal story” […]

A Call to the Downtrodden Urban Masses and a Warning…

To all of you beautiful people couped up in fluorescently lit offices, in Big Cities with plastic pot plants for company, needing a bit of fresh air – I have a suggestion. Go and spend a few days with Pete and Cynthia in Europe’s forgotten lands. It did me the world of good. Digging vegetable […]

Ram Pump Victory…Water in Abundance!

Well it has been a long and winding road but a few days ago it happened…After much tweaking of valves, sealing of drive pipe from stream head and getting air blocks out of delivery pipe, our Ram pump finally kicked in! And as it did so, with one bang and then another and another, like […]

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