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Posts from ‘February, 2009’

The Dance of Creation

Spring is in the air here in the mountains of Portugal, signalled by the bright yellow blossoms of the mimosas. The warm February sun is summoning the symphony of singing sap and burgeoning buds are breaking forth from the fecund earth. Oh how I love Spring, I can feel my blood quickening to the pulse […]

O choro da Terra e a chamada para a Consciência

Aqui estou, sentado no escuro, escrevendo à luz da vela, pois o sol escondeu-se por uns dias e ficámos sem energia. Estou sozinho e envolvido no silêncio ensurdecedor da montanha, com o som distante da ribeira, que corre apressada pelo vale (espero nela colocar uma turbina no próximo ano para que possamos ter energia hidráulica). […]

10 Days at the Edge

When Pete & Cynthia invited us to stay in the Yurt, we welcomed the opportunity as it was a chance to find out, first hand, something we had only imagined doing, when we found our land. It was also time to get to know Pete & Cynthia some more. So it was with a mixture […]

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