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Posts from ‘January, 2009’

How to Build a Compost Toilet Part 1…

There are two items conspicuously absent from our off-grid house, a cooker, because we eat almost entirely raw food, and a loo, because it’s, well, outside… The modern norm of flush toilets that scoot our “waste” away down underground pipes to some municipal cesspit, sewage treatment centre, or worse, a nearby river or the sea, […]

Snow at the Quinta!

Hello Everyone! Its January 20th and as I was walking down to the compost loo this morning to make my morning contribution and I noticed the rain was a bit ´thicker than it usually is! I went to the yurt deck to squeegie off the water and I noticed what was on the deck was […]

Off Grid Blues

Another wild wet and windy day, well at least it is not sub zero temperatures like northern Europe. After waiting in vain this morning for about 20 mins for the water to get warm through our woodburner heating system so I could have a real shower—which I really need!—I spontaneously found myself channelling my frustration […]

A Visit to the Awakened Life Project…

I wanted to share a few of the highlights of my recent visit to central Portugal to hang out with my old friends, Pete and Cynthia for ten days over Christmas at the end of December. I am frankly still flying on the high energy from being with good friends I’ve shared a lot with […]

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