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Posts from ‘June, 2008’

Grupo Vida Desperta: Meditação Semanal e Conversa Consciente

Qualquer pessoa sinceramente interessada no crescimento espiritual, evolução e meditação é bem-vindo. Encontrar-nos-emos todas as sextas-feiras às 19h30 na Eco-Casa da Quinta Cabeça do Mato. Terminaremos por volta das 22h15. Chegue em silêncio, por favor, e sente-se. Quando toda a gente estiver já reunida, meditaremos juntos durante cerca de 45 minutos. Após a meditação, haverá […]

Awakened Life Group Fridays 7.30pm – Meditation & the Emergence of a Collective Awakened Consciousness

All kinds of things have been written and said about meditation. But TRUE meditation is so utterly simple. By true meditation I mean when it is practiced with the sincere intention to Awaken to our True Nature, not just for stress relief, for visualization, or to get something for ourselves. And what does the intention […]

The Secret Arts of Slate Stone

Here I am learning the secret Portuguese arts of creating beautiful walls of slate stone from the masters! Wielding brush and damp sponge I was soon delicately revealing the choicest stones from under the layer of cement that was applied to fill in all the holes. With expert instruction from Fernando and Philippe I was […]

Sustainable Living Project in Central Portugal

Here is a message and invitation from fellow eco-warriors in the area, Sophie and Andy at the Farm of the Bees… Eco-Living Central Portugal has a new focus! We (Quinta das Abelhas) set up the eco-living project with the intention of offering courses, workshops and practical experience of sustainable living on a large riverside quinta […]

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