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Posts from ‘March, 2008’

Reflections on the Green Gathering/Encontro Verde

A BIG THANK YOU to Karyn, Steve, Becca and all the other good folks who contributed to making the wonderful Green Gathering happen! I don’t know quite what I expected but these four days over Easter were deeply inspiring and heartwarming beyond my expectations. While there were creative workshops and presentations of all kinds from […]

The Evolution of Consciousness, Reintegration Massage & The Green Gathering

Our good friends Steve & Karyn are hosting an event at their quinta over Easter called the Green Gathering. With demonstrations and presentations on themes such as solar power, chi gung, permaculture, herbal healing, manifesting abundance, and meditation, along with music and delicious vegetarian food, it promises to be a very positive and eclectic happening. […]

Spring has Sprung!

YEEEEAAA!!! Spring has sprung here in Central Portugal. Bright ringing lucid blue skies. Yellow mimosa blossoms bobbing on the breeze. Purple mato gracing the hillsides. Pine trees sprouting reaching for the sky. Green shoots declaring the jubilant arrival of new life on the quinta. The procreant urge of the earth trilling with sap, sensation and […]

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