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Posts from ‘November, 2007’

Off Grid Property for Sale in Central Portugal Mountains. 75,000 Euros

We are currently house sitting this property for our friends Glyn and Tinke while they have it up for sale. It’s a beautiful place and we wanted to put it on our blog in case there is someone out there who may be interested in moving here. So take a look, have a read and […]

The Project Grows – Jacqueline Joins Us!

I have just returned from a wonderful trip to Portugal. The trip was multi-purpose. I went to visit my friends Pete and Cynthia and to see their land and get a feel for Portugal (I’d never been there before!), and to visit a retreat Center in the Algarve, where I was thinking to hold a […]

Fire at the Quinta

It was Thursday afternoon I was home working on the computer and Pete had gone to the land. It was then that I got a call from Elsa (one of the people we are buying Quinta de Mizarela from). She speaks some English and said –there’s fire at the Quinta! We spoke briefly; I immediately […]

Baptism of Fire

On November 1st, All Saints Day, which is a public holiday here in Portugal, I went to the Quinta to work on the land. It was a pristine bright sunny afternoon and I decided to do some more clearing and make a small fire to burn some of the brambles and broom I had already […]

Reintegration Massage

Reintegration massage is a part of the SaSenYin method. The SaSenYin Method was created by Ria Panen Godesberg. I studied directly with Ria on the beautiful island of Ibiza. Reintegration massage is about freeing all that is in the way that is blocking us from being fully who we are. How this happens is always […]

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