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100% Consciousness

To me, consciousness was always attributed to the realm of meditation and spiritual (and to a certain extent religious) practices. The link between the consciousness – that I knew of – and working, living, loving and playing within the “real world” seemed a little confusing and perhaps ambiguous. There was always a distinction – a separation existed – however there existed a feeling that there was something more: a unique and overriding binding of everything. It was something that became apparent to me, yet I was unable to put the pieces together…

Lee in front the yurt which was his abode during his retreat at ALP

Lee in front the yurt which was his abode during his retreat at ALP

Personally, my journey began with an intense inner-knowing that there was more to my life than what I was experiencing and knowing to be true. A uniquely strong “call-to-arms” directed me to the Central Portugal mountains, where a small community of like-minded people seemed to be living in a manner that challenged the normal status quo of society’s “progressive living” perspective. It was at the Quinta that I started to listen, to feel, to understand… to explore the meaning of Being, of unconsciousness… of God.

And hence begins, what I hope to be, a series of communicative posts from a son of the Quinta. With a title that stems from a laughable overuse of the term “100%” (which you’ll get to realise why and what it is about), these posts will hopefully contain some of my evolutionary experiences both inside and outside, stemming from, integrating with, and hopefully back at the Quinta sometime soon 😉

Blessings of love and light…

Franco Lee da Encarnação Luizinho

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