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“A Timeless Time Capsule” by our first volunteer Andrea

…So recently this inexplicable mysterious intelligent force that some call Destiny took me to the Quinta da Mizarela and Benfeita, the local village where I stayed in a house on a very narrow street.


In real time I spent five weeks there but I felt like I was in a time capsule where time was measured by a completely different scale. Instead of hours and days of the week, time went by according to the Benfeita village church bells, the honk of the morning bread van, the sun, the clouds, the rain and market days. It is not that in a time capsule there is more time. It is the quality of the time that changes. Priorities become different. And for me this is something that I enjoy most, when I have the opportunity to reflect, step back and see from a different angle. This is when I feel I am alive, that I am learning, that I am moving forward on my path.


I realized how different my body feels eating fresh clean raw food. They say you are what you eat…well this is exactly what my body felt like, following Pete and Cynthia’s diet: fresh, clean and full of happy energy!

It may sound odd but another thing that I truly and utterly enjoyed was doing physical work in the garden and around the house. I have been so used to working with my brain, on the computer, with books, theories and strategies. It felt amazing during this time to actually create something that is making a tangible difference in the physical world, Wow!


For the first time in my life I made many animal friends…with the beautiful dogs, Nina, and her little (soon to be huge!) brother Sam and the cat family, Kuma, Tux & Lucky!











I also made friends in a new way with plants. Now I see plants with a lot more respect and they amaze me with their innate intelligence. Thanks to Pete and his books I discovered a new dimension to life, the plant wonderland! There is a lot more to Life than what I see, I always knew it but I never looked for mystery behind the green before. Oh well, so much to discover!


All of these little aha-experiences and eye openers were why I had to come to this place. I am so very grateful to Jacqueline for recommending me as the first volunteer on the Awakened Life Project, and to Cynthia and Pete for sharing their everyday life, their knowledge, their home their food, and their passion for health, nature and spiritual growth.


And above all thanks to the Universe that always so wisely knows where exactly I have to be.

Love Andrea (from Hungary)

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