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Retornar à fonte / Return to the Source – Jan 6-8


Meditation is much more than a way to relax and be free from stress. Meditation can be a door to a new life. The meditation I teach is the discovery of your true nature as freedom, clarity and lightness of being here and now. I invite you to join me for a weekend meditation retreat to begin the new year of 2012 in a beautiful place with delicious vegetarian food near Montemor-o-Velho, Coimbra. It is a precious opportunity to begin the new year in alignment with spirit and to make yourself available for the evolution of consciousness that is so desperately needed in our troubled world.

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A meditação é muito mais do que uma forma de relaxar e estar livre de stress. A meditação pode ser uma porta para uma nova vida. A meditação que eu ensino é a descoberta de sua verdadeira natureza como a liberdade, a clareza e a leveza de ser, aqui e agora. Convido você a se juntar a mim para um retiro de meditação para começar o novo ano de 2012, em um lugar bonito com comida vegetariana deliciosa perto Montemor-o-Velho, Coimbra. É uma preciosa oportunidade para começar o ano novo no alinhamento com o espírito e disponibilizar-se para a evolução da consciência, que é tão desesperadamente necessário em nosso mundo conturbado

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Big House Renovation

We have had an incredible year at the Awakened Life Project…beautiful and generous volunteers, meditation retreats, open days, permaculture courses, womens retreats, evolution of consciousness courses in Porto & Lisbon…and lots of building work to enable us to meet the growing interest in the creation of a new culture in surrender to the call of evolution. We have lots of events planned for 2012!!

Please support us during our Meditation Marathon to raise funds to complete the new buildings and come and visit us in 2012. Even a small donation will help, for example 5€ will buy a fruit tree! You can see the progress here…

A Walk on the Quinta / Um Passeio pela Quinta

Join me for a short walk around the Awakened Life Project farm and get a feel for the environment that we are developing here.

If you feel inspired please support us with a donation, however small, for our Meditation Marathon

Juntem-se a mim para um curto passeio pela quinta do Projeto Vida Desperta para ter uma ideia sobre o que estamos a desenvolver aqui.

Se se sentirem inspirados por favor, ajudem-nos com uma doação, por menor que seja, para a nossa Maratona de Meditação...

Meditation Marathon 2011


Dear Friends of the Awakened Life Project,

We invite you to join us and support us for our Meditation Marathon starting on Saturday December 10 at 10am and finishing on Sunday December 11th at 10am. Our Meditation Marathon last year was a great success (We reached our goal of 20,000€!).  This money helped us to renovate another of the ruins of Quinta da Mizarela. Lots of work has been done that you can read about here.  Its exciting to see how much we have done but there is still more to go and that is why we are having our 2nd Meditation Marathon.

Meditation retreat at Awakened Life Project

Meditation retreat at Awakened Life Project

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Elegance & Evolution in the Back of Beyond!

By Jane Riddiford & Rod Sugden


As I sit in our flat in the middle of London, I think back to the wonderful time my partner Rod and I had at the Awakened Life Project in Portugal ….experiencing elegance in the back of beyond!

Cynthia & Jane

Cynthia & Jane in front of rustic elegant bathroom

We arrived at the Quinta late in the evening and ventured down the track under a full canopy of stars.  First stop was a tasty raw food meal, the first of many, served in one of several slate buildings that are being beautifully restored in the traditional Portuguese style. Continue reading →

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